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From your Runner Account you are able to change your wave time, update your ticket information, or exchange it with a voucher as you want and whenever you want before your race.
Discover all these processes in this guide.

  • Why becoming a Marshal for MUDGIRL ?
    Above everything, you will experience an exceptional and unforgettable day! You will get to live the event from the inside out and be apart of the MUDGIRL team. You will deserve all these benefits after waking up early on a weekend and after smiling all day: - A MUDGIRL shirt - A full runner kit - A light meal (breakfast, sandwiches and snacks) - The opportunity to run the Marshal run for free at the end of the day and receive a MUDGIRL medal! - A free future MUDGIRL race - A 40% discount at the MUDGIRL shop
  • What will I be doing during my Marshal day ?
    MUDGIRL offers a variety of positions where marshals can enjoy and spend a wonderful day. EVERYBODY is welcome to be Marshal: no training or diploma is required. This day will bring you as much happiness as you will give to the participants! Positions are assigned in the morning of the run in function of the needs and number of Marshal present. No worries, we give special attention to those who come in groups. We do our best to keep them together as much as possible, and will never force a Marshal to be in a position they don’t want to be in.
  • As of what age can I become a Marshal ?
    Everyone above 7 years old is welcome to be Marshal! • Marshals between 7 and 14 years old are encouraged to participate. For safety reasons, these courageous Marshals are obligated to be accompanied by an adult throughout the entire day. • Marshals between 14 and 18 years old must have an authorization letter signed by a parent or a legal guardian. However, this adult is not obligated to be present the entire day.
  • Can I become a Marshal and participate in the run ?
    YES! At the end of your volunteering day (usually around 3:30pm), we reserve a special wave for all our Marshals who wish to run. You’re lucky: no waiting at obstacles, plenty of mud, the MUDGIRL course is entirely yours! This is your well deserved reward for this tenacious day of efforts! You are even allowed to go down the big slide twice ... but shh that stays between us!
  • How to register as a Marshal ?
    You simply have to use our registration platform by clicking the following link (link coming soon). You will then receive a confirmation around 2 months before the event with all the important and necessary information. Our Marshal coordinator will be in contact with you until the day of the event.
  • I am a man, can I become a MUDGIRL Marshal ?
    Gentlemen, don’t think you can free yourself from your wives, girlfriends, or friends all day so easily! OF COURSE you can join them and encourage them while participating as a Marshal. It's also a great way to support an important cause: Fight against Breast Cancer. Also, as a MUDGIRL Marshal, you will have the chance to run in the Marshal run at the end of the day!
  • I want to participate as a runner, but become a Marshal the rest of the day, is this possible ?
    Wow! A real MUDGIRL filled day from start to finish! You’re full of energy!! Yes that is possible, still there are some rules to follow. • You will not be able to obtain your free race on the same day you are Marshal. If you want to participate in a wave during the day, you will have to buy your ticket like any other runner. You will still be able to obtain your free race for another one of our events (for a different date). • It is MANDATORY to participate in either the first wave of the day (and be Marshal after you run), or during the last wave of the day (to be Marshal before your race). • You will also have to arrive on the event site at the same time as all the other Marshals (early morning) to receive your instructions for the day, the MUDGIRL kit and your meal. • You will have to warn us in advance, so that we can organize ourselves accordingly.
  • How can I use my free future race ?
    Your Marshal day automatically gives you a free pass to run the Marshal race at the end of the day (starting time will be given during the day but is usually around 3:30 pm) but that's not all! You will also receive a coupon code to obtain a free ticket for a future MUDGIRL run. The code will be given to you at the end of the day in exchange of your Marshal bib. You can use the code to obtain a future free race for yourself or offer it to the person of your choice. Please know that to obtain this coupon code, you will have to be Marshal for the entire day.
  • What is the Marshal schedule at MUDGIRL ?
    All of the MUDGIRL Marshals must arrive at 7:15am (at the latest) to receive the instructions necessary for their day of volunteering. The day usually ends around 3:00pm depending on the race time of the last participants.
  • Do I have to be present for my entire Marshal shift ?
    Yes, in the hopes of providing a safe run for all the participants, we ask all Marshals to stay from the beginning of the day (7:15am) up until the end (around 3:00pm). Please make sure to only commit to a shift that you are able to complete, if you have any special constraints, don’t hesitate to contact us at: We will be more than happy to answer any of your questions!
  • Can I request to have the same role as the person(s) with whom I am coming to be Marshal ?
    Role assignments will be given out on the morning of the run. Yet, we pay close attention to Marshals who come in groups to make sure they are placed close to each other. We also never force a Marshal to be in a position in which they do not desire to be in. We want to make sure you have the best day ever! So don’t wait too long, reach out to all your contacts in your phone, all your facebook friends or instagram followers and come spend an unforgettable day!
  • Will Marshals get pictures?
    There won't be professional pictures taken of the Marshals, but the staff will try to take pictures of you throughout the day. Don't hesitate to ask the Marshals coordinator to take pictures of you! All these pics will be uploaded on the MUDGIRL Volunteers ( link coming soon )
  • What does MUDGIRL consist of?
    MUDGIRL is an all inclusive, 5km race, consisting of 17+ obstacles to overcome. Whether you are by yourself or in a team, the course is committed to testing your strength, endurance and above all, your spirit. There is no timing and no obligation to complete all the obstacles. You are here for the sole purpose of having fun and having a great experience, regardless of your athletic ability.
  • Is MUDGIRL open to everyone?
    Yes, all women between the ages of 7 to 78 (a record to beat!) are invited to participate in MUDGIRL. The short running distance makes this challenge achievable to all levels of athletes. You don't have to run, as long as you are enjoying yourself, it doesn't matter if you run, walk, or take a break. Important: We ask that all young ladies are a minimum of 7 years old by race day to participate in a MUDGIRL experience.
  • How does the MUDGIRL race support women's cancer research?
    At Sportera, we're dedicated to leaving a positive impact on the world. Since the inception of MUDGIRL, we've proudly donated 182 000£ to charities across North America and Europe, embodying our commitment to supporting important causes and making a meaningful difference in the fight against breast cancer. This year, we're embarking on an exciting new journey. By uniting with the #PinkArmy, you're not just supporting a cause, you're empowering the Pink Army Foundation to amplify awareness, advance research, extend vital support to patients and survivors, and collectively diminish the impact of breast cancer. This strategic pivot promises enhanced transparency in our fundraising endeavours, ensuring clarity in both actions and donations. Your involvement will make a tangible and resonant difference, shaping a brighter future for those affected by breast cancer. More info to come regarding the initial steps that have been taken! It’s amazing to see what the MUDGIRL community is capable of. Let's take it even further together!
  • I’m not such a runner, can I still participate?
    This race is an introduction to obstacle courses and aims at combining athleticism and fun. Many of our participants are not very sports oriented, however, they really enjoy themselves at our race! We promise, you will love your experience at MUDGIRL.
  • Why should I leave my comfort zone and participate in this race?
    Whether it’s a personal challenge or a friend convinced you to embark on this journey, you are here for a noble cause: the fight against breast cancer. Therefore, you will surpass yourself, sweat, have a few (small) aches, and finally, raise your arms when you cross the finish line... as part of the #PinkArmy! We can promise you that when the medal is around your neck, you will feel like the proudest woman in the world. But before that, you will have to face the mud and the big slide! Hence, there is no excuse to turn around on race day. Leaving your comfort zone and conquering this race with your friends will create memories for a lifetime!
  • Where can I find a MUDGIRL community to exchange about the run?
    On and off the race the Mudgirls are a real Pinkarmy ready to help themselves! Whether you have a simple question, some doubts, the wish to get an opinion from a former participant, to know a little more about how to prepare for this race... whatever your question is, the whole MUDGIRL Community is here for you on this Facebook page.
  • Are men allowed to run?
    The world of obstacle racing is traditionally a very masculine sport. This situation can be intimidating for women who are starting in the sport. Thus our run adheres to the following mission statement: MUDGIRL is an enjoyable and accessible experience for all women to feel empowered and comfortable amongst their girlfriends and girl squads. The goal of our event is for women to share a joyful day with friends while raising funds for a foundation fighting against an important cause to help women: breast cancer. :) We decided to make it a women's race as we wanted to see if offering a safe space for women would help promote female participation in obstacle racing. Our results so far suggest it does. Our obstacle courses have been quite successful, suggesting to us that perhaps a women-only course is a step in the right direction of promoting or initiating more female participation into the world of obstacle courses. Thus, though the race is open to all genders, each registrant must decide whether their participation helps to achieve the mission of a safe space for people who identify as female to compete. We will not deny anyone access to the race and leave it up to each registrant to make their own determination about whether it is appropriate for them to participate given the aforementioned mission. Please understand that this project was not created to sideline men, but rather to allow women to experience a personal and doable challenge. We obviously encourage men to come support their loved ones to help them feel empowered, challenged, safe, and accomplished. We also encourage men to volunteer. We firmly believe that men and women should work as allies for equality in all domains, including the world of sports. At the end of the day, the volunteers, all gender alike, can participate in the volunteer run, and it’s actually free too! Please consult our volunteering page here.
  • Do I need to know how to swim?
    Nope! Some obstacles may have 2-3’ deep water but the majority are just mud. If you don’t feel comfortable, you can always go around the obstacle.
  • I want to watch the race where can I purchase some tickets?
    Spectators are allowed in the Festival (start and finish area) as well as in the some special areas only opened for them, with a unique and amazing atmosphere! However, we ask spectators to respect these areas and not to venture onto the course for the safety of the participants as well as themselves. Spectator’s admission is free.
  • How and where can I sign up for MUDGIRL?
    All registrations are done online at Our prices increase as we get closer to the dates of events, so the earlier you buy your ticket the lower your price will be. If the event is not sold out, tickets will be sold on site the day of the race. The ticket will be full price.
  • Is there a group offer?
    MUDGIRL is first and foremost based on family spirit. The team spirit. It’s an experience to live and share WITH others. To encourage you to participate with your sports team, entire family, your workmates, or your classmates we offer 5% off to groups of at least 3 persons, 10% off to groups of at least 10 persons, and 15% off to 20 persons and more. The discount is directly applied to your order depending on the number of tickets you order. Here a quick video to explain the process of buying tickets for your friends : How to offer a ticket to a friend
  • What is the minimum age to participate?
    For safety purposes, the minimum age to participate is 7 years old. Participants between the ages of 7 and 13 years must be accompanied by an adult for the entirety of the race. Important: We ask that all young ladies are a minimum of 7 years old by race day to participate in a MUDGIRL experience. Under this age the system won't allow you to register.
  • First responder, veteran, teacher/professor, military on service discount
    We are proud to offer you a 15% discount ! It's not much, but we would love to show you at least some gratitude. Please contact us with your professional ID card (first responder or veteran ID card). For the military on service discount, please send your "proof of service letter" since you are not allowed to share a copy of your military ID.
  • I can’t find my ticket, how can I get it back?
    You can retrieve your ticket whenever you want in your account : Find the instructions details in this document All tickets are automatically sent again to the attendees email address ten days prior your race. Here is a video to explain how to find your ticket : How to retrieve your tickets
  • What is included in my registration?
    Seeing as you will be joining the #PinkArmy, we can’t let you go face first in the mud empty handed! All participants will receive: a headband, a bracelet, a race bag, temporary tattoos, access to the water station, photos from a professional photographer, and most importantly, a medal at the end of the race to congratulate you for your effort!
  • Where and when can I pick up my race kit?
    You will be given a race kit right after checking-in on the day of the event.
  • Can I buy my ticket the day of the event?
    Yes, If the event is not sold out you will be able to buy your ticket on site. However, the ticket will be full price. So we stroooongly advise you to sign up early to save a lot of money. :)
  • Can I change my time slot? My event date?
    Nothing always goes as planned, we got you! You are now able to change your ticket details such as the wave time (for another one with remaining spots), the attendee name or even the event date : Find the instructions details in this document Here is a quick video to explain the process: How to change your ticket's information
  • I am signed up but can no longer go to the race, can I receive a refund?
    Tickets are non-refundable as stipulated in our sales conditions.However, you do have plenty of options! From your Runner account you are able to change your ticket info such as the attendee name (and have somebody else running with your ticket), you can as well transfer your ticket to another event of the season. We don’t want you to loose this registration. :) : Find the instructions details in this document Here is a quick video to explain the process : How to switch to a different event
  • I am pregnant, can I still participate?
    The only advice given by our company is to ask your family doctor for a professional perspective. And of course follow it. :) We do not prohibit pregnant women from participating. However this is an obstacle race, there are obstacles to climb, crawl, and the mud can be slippery, so a fall can happen pretty quickly. In case you're pregnant and decide not to attend, please contact us here
  • How can I join a team ?
    It’s now even more simple to run with your friends, you just need to select the same time slot as them. If not available, please select the one just before or just after. That’s it ! You’ll then be able to run with your group. :)
  • How to transfer my ticket for free ?
    You are able to change your info tickets such as: attendee name, attendee email address, wave time, emergency contact details, etc. FOR FREE :) Please follow the section "How to change your ticket information for free" in the guide. Here is a quick video to explain the process : How to change your ticket's information
  • How should I dress when going to MUDGIRL?
    Before anything else, check the weather… you won’t enjoy running in shorts and a tank top under heavy rain or cooler weather! Dress according to the weather and to your personal liking, but keep in mind that you will be covered in mud. What to bring: > Running shoes that you aren’t afraid to get dirty. > A pair of shorts and a t-shirt you’re ok with having to wash a couple times before being able to wear again. > A change of clothes for after the race (very important for the survival of your car seats) > Your biggest motivation and smile!
  • What steps should I take before the start of the race?
    We ask you to arrive 45 minutes before your start time indicated on your ticket. Below are all the steps to follow: > Arrive maximum 45 minutes before your wave start time already dressed for the race > Park your car in the private parking lot provided for the event (contactless payment available, or cash). Some venues offer a “carpool” discount if you are 4 or more in one vehicle . Please check details on the "more info" section of your event. > Check in and show your electronic ticket along with your ID card > Discover the Village, its shop and partner booths. You can leave your personal belongings in the provided bag drop area (£) > Head to the the start line to warm up > Throw yourself into the MUDGIRL EXPERIENCE!
  • What type of ID do I have to bring?
    Please bring any photo ID document. A picture of your ID on a phone will also work. For minor, you can bring any ID document showing their full name (bus card, school card, etc)
  • Is there a parking on site? Do we have to pay a fee?
    Yes there is always a parking on site or near the venue (with shuttles to take you back and forth). There is a fee for the parking. Parking price subject to change depending on location, see details on the page for the city you’re racing at, and the email with pre-race instructions sent 1 week before your big race Some venues offer a “carpool” discount if you are 4 or more in one vehicle. All payment methods are accepted.
  • Is the race timed? How long does the race take?
    No the race isn't timed, we try to eliminate any competitive spirit from MUDGIRL. On the other hand, no one will prevent you from showing off to all your close friends and family that you are the most badass of the group by arriving first! It should take you between 40 - 90 minutes to complete the race. However, don't put pressure on yourself to finish within a particular time frame, just have fun and go at your own pace. :)
  • If I can not overcome an obstacle or am afraid to, can I still participate?
    We do our best to offer fun obstacles that are easily accessible to all! However, if you don’t feel comfortable doing a particular obstacle, you can skip it and continue the run. We do challenge you to come back the following year and overcome the obstacles you skipped though!
  • What will happen if weather conditions are very bad?
    We reserve the right to cancel or push back the race only in the case where extreme weather would compromise access to the security and safety of participants. In regard to lighter weather, a little rain has never hurt anyone, in fact you will be able to enjoy more mud! We will keep you informed by email and on the website if the event is postponed.
  • Are there showers on site?
    Rinsing stations (water hoses with a nozzle) will be at your disposal to quickly get rid of the mud. However, you will have to wait to get home to enjoy a nice warm bath. A changing room will also be available. We recommend bringing a clean change of clothes, and a large trash bag to place on your car seat as it’s hard to remove 100 percent of the mud at the rinse station (and it’s even harder to remove any mud from your car seats!)
  • Is there a medical team on site?
    A medical team is present at each event to provide first aid to all participants and help with minor injuries. In the event of serious injuries requiring hospitalization, we will call for an ambulance.
  • Where can I find my pictures after the race?
    We post links to the pictures on Facebook a couple days after the event.In the week following your event, the full album will be uploaded on our photographer’s website: Epic Action Imagery. Please allow at least 3 days after the event for all photos to be uploaded online. For any question related to the pictures do not hesitate to contact our photographers through the following address :
  • Can I bring my dog?
    We all love dogs, but this race environment is out of the ordinary and it’s hard to predict your dog’s behavior. For safety reasons, we cannot accept dogs at our events, even leashed. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Can I park my RV ?
    You can park your RV in the parking for £10.
  • Is there a MUDGIRL shop on the festival?
    Yes! You'll be able to get our MUDGIRL merch in our shop on the event. You'll be able to find the new collection, exclusive goodies, and even our iconic pink tutus!
  • How can I pay on site?
    Just to let you know, there will be no ATM on the festival area so you will not be able to withdraw cash there. Depending on the location the service is not always reliable, hence we will only accept payments by credit card and not debit. We advise you to take some cash with you if you want to buy something!
  • What do you do with lost and found?
    You can go at the MUDGIRL shop tent in the festival area and ask if we found what you have lost, or just ask directly to a member of the MUDGIRL team. Otherwise, you can contact us by email with a description of what you have lost and on what date/event. We will then contact you in the event of a positive response!
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